FMX and iMac 5K Retina?

FMX and iMac 5K Retina?

Can FMX deal well with this comparatively extreme resolution?

VCL has the same challenges with the new 3K and 4K displays under Windows 8.1 using system font scaling. 

Even in the IDE, we already run into design time issues, as the forms are mangled if designed at one resolution/font scaling, and then are opened on another PC at a different resolution/font scaling.

I wonder, are there any plans to look at solutions to this issue in the near future?

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  1. Lars Fosdal and Bill Meyer – as I’ve stated elsewhere on this forum, I believe high DPI monitors are the next big challenge for developers. 4K is not that expensive – my 4k laptop with a decent graphics card was (only) $1,100. It could well be standard resolution within two years.

  2. Steve Maughan I agree. Right now, I see a 28″ ViewSonic monitor at about $500, and an Asus fanless card that will support the 4K res at about $60. Not bad, though I found only two graphics cards under $100 with the needed support.

    And I am not sure it will become “standard” resolution in 2 years, but I would not be surprised to find it achieving very good market share in the next year.

  3. Steve Maughan Yikes! 4K on a 15″ screen?  I am working 1080p on 27″ screens, and pretty happy. 4K on 27-28″ screens  would be smooth as silk. On 15″ it strikes me as overkill.

  4. I’ve run my app on the big display with text at 200% and it looks surprisingly fine. I haven’t yet done any form designing on the machine.

    Hmmmm – that’s something to try out on a test app first.  I’ll let you know the results.

  5. I’ve seen issues with form design between workstations that had different system font sizes and varying DPIs.  The standard “solution” was to ensure that all of us used the same desktop sizes and DPI settings, so it’s hard to say if this still is an issue, but I fear it is.

  6. David Berneda, in FireMonkey Canvas you can invert scaling with

    Canvas.SetMatrix(TMatrix.CreateScaling(1 / Canvas.Scale, 1 / Canvas.Scale) * Canvas.Matrix);

    I write now from a tablet and do not have Delphi but I remember something was changed with TMatrix.CreateScaling function in XE5. Maybe this is the old format.

    PS. this is of course for your drawings, not FMX controls.

  7. David Berneda I used this before I decided to use a Bitmap. I have a bitmap bigger than I need to draw on screen exactly with Canvas.Scale factor. Bitmap has Scale=1 and I use Canvas.DrawBitmap

  8. David Berneda the strech will not do any harm to your Bitmap if you strech it exactly with Canvas.Scale factor. I used to draw lines at (0.5, 0.5) or add to canvas matrix this 0.5 to avoid bluring but I do not remmenber now if i draw also bitmap in this way.

  9. I know I’m pretty lonely with my opinion but her it goes anyway: Why should I buy a high resolution display, that gives me a gigantic amount of pixel real estate, and then ruin it all by scaling the applications so that I’m back to where I started with a low res screen? I really don’t get it. Plus scaling goes wrong anyway, no matter how hard the developer tries. At least in Windows that’s the case, and I’m talking about Office 2013 here…