With the risk of looking like a marketing drone.

With the risk of looking like a marketing drone… but I spotted the press release through Google Alerts: Upgrade from any previous version and save up to 45%

“Get the upgrade price on Delphi XE7, C++Builder XE7 or RAD Studio XE7 through Nov 21, 2014 regardless of what previous version you have. Save up to 45% off the regular new user price for the product license and stay up-to-date with automatic enrollment in the Recharge program.”


21 thoughts on “With the risk of looking like a marketing drone.

  1. Two observations: First, that it says “up to 45%”, and second, that on going to the site, though I found the claim in question, I did not find any price which appeared to reflect this offering.

  2. The offer says “Purchase RAD Studio, Delphi or C++Builder XE7 Enterprise or higher to receive a single platform license of Rapid SQL”.

    I clicked on the link and got the following in a pop-up window:

    – – – – – – – – – – – –

    Offer 2: Users who purchase XE7 Enterprise or up will receive a single platform license of Rapid SQL!

    Rapid SQL® is the intelligent SQL IDE empowering database developers and DBAs the ability to create high-performing SQL code on all major databases from a single interface. Purchase RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder XE7 Enterprise or above and receive a single platform license of Rapid SQL. Offer ends November 21, 2014.

    How to get it:

    Purchase a qualifying Enterprise or higher edition of RAD Studio, Delphi or C++Builder XE7. Install and register your XE7 product. Go to the redemption page, enter your XE7 serial number and receive your free IBLite download and license. Offers ends Nov 21, 2014. Must redeem free license by Dec 5, 2014.

    Offer valid on qualifying New User and Upgrade products:

    RAD Studio XE7, Delphi XE7 or C++Builder XE7

    Enterprise – New User, Upgrade, Recharge or Upgrade from Starter

    Ultimate – New User, Upgrade, Recharge or Upgrade from Starter

    Architect – New User, Upgrade, Recharge or Upgrade from Starter

    This offer does not apply to academic licenses.

    – – – – – – – – – – – –

    What does IBLite have to do with Rapid SQL?

    Is this a typo by EMBT?

  3. Sure. The 45% savings is for someone upgrading from older versions that do not generally qualify for updates. All other offers and free tools, from Rapid SQL to books, styles, plug in tools, are available to all customers depending on the version they buy…

  4. Marco Cantù, If you upgrade to Delphi XE7 Enterprise or higher you receive a free copy of Rapid SQL. If you click on the link to read more about this offer it tells you to download your copy of IBLite. Can you clarify exactly what you get with regard to the free copy of Rapid SQL?  Thanks in advance. 

  5. As someone on XE4 and fairly satisfied with it, is it worth upgrading to XE7?  Have there been significant improvements in the stability of the product and performance of generated executables?

  6. Kevin Powick I’d say there is a fair amount of performance improvement form XE4, plus a few nice features, but I’m a bit biased… so I’ll let other chime in and tell their personal experience.

  7. Kevin Powick Depends on what you are doing. But if you are satisfied with XE4 and don’t have particular issues bothering you, then I don’t think you should rush to upgrade.

    XE8 is only few months away 😉

    I recommend checking out trial, and going through bug fix lists, as well as checking out newly reported bugs for XE7. Ultimately it is up to you to make the decision. Features and improvements that are not relevant to me or others, might be relevant to you.

  8. Kevin Powick – If it is worth it?  XE5 was a major QA release (which sorted out most of our rather annoying internal errors from Generics), XE6 added even more fixes. XE7 adds yet more again, new language features, FireDAC improvements, and finally single source cross platform FireMonkey.  Well, you know the details from the release docs.

    XE6 has been good so far, and very few surprises during the upgrade from XE5.  XE7 required two changes (one related to methods moved from one unit to another, and one related to the array changes), but per routine we are awaiting the service pack before moving production code to XE7, just as we waited for the previous two.

    IMO – If you make a living off Delphi, you’d be nuts not to be on the SA program, as we all know what happens to the the rate of fixes to older versions as newer versions arrive (IMO, a topic for discussion on the official board only).  

    As for frequent updates and the work required to keep up with the new versions: Personally, I prefer a few incremental changes at a time, instead of trying to make them all at once, but YMMV…

  9. Lars Fosdal Internal system is JIRA and QC reports are imported into it, but new public JIRA Quality Portal is separated from internal one and has only some newly reported bugs. Old bug reports from internal JIRA are not yet imported into public JIRA system. 

  10. Lars Fosdal If you are doing mobile development or using Fire Monkey, then yes, SA is smartest option. For pure Windows VCL development, maybe not so much. 

    One of the reasons I dropped my SA was the fact that not only things get fixed, but things also get broken. And with 6 months release cycles, upgrading started to be more like Russian roulette. Sometimes it can take you month or two to realize that some important parts are broken and usually they don’t get fixed until next release (and sometimes it takes longer).

    I am not saying that XE7 doesn’t look good, just that people have to be careful and try for themselves whether it fits their needs.