12 thoughts on “Bug fix list for XE8

  1. You know what it is about bug fixes, if any of those happen to you, that is all that matters.  Most of those bugs as well as memory issues do not happen to myself but I know quite a few that it does.

    One bug I just found crashes the system (NOT that this is a normal thing) I had a unit that I removed but instead of rebuilding I executed immediately and Rad Studio hanged.  Needed to do a FORCED stop process on RS XE7.  This is not a normal situation but it may happen to you sometime in the future.

    I know I will not try it again.

  2. At times we consider giving away freebies to the developers reporting most bugs… but it will be easy to game the system. We should give a prize to those reporting the most relevant bugs and writing the best bug reports, but this is very subjective.

  3. Marco Cantù One man’s bug is another man’s feature 😉

    At the end of the day, what really matters is how it affects someones work, and not what it is.

    I know that Java devs would kill for having 8-bit strings (UTF8) in Android.