10 thoughts on “You find a lot of stuff when you are reorganizing your office

  1. K310 is cool in appearance, rather compact and not bad to type on.

    Lars Fosdal​​ was TP RTL source generally available with the release? What TP version is it? My memories do not follow beyond tpu files.

    Ah, I see #TP6 tag 🙂

  2. Ilya S – It’s TP6 (or was that BP6?) and you bought it separately.  K310 has been really solid.  I’ve been banging on it since 2012 – and none of the letters have faded, nor are there iffy keyswitches.  It also has received some juice, some coffee, some dust, some cat hair, bread crumbs, chocolate and you name it – and just a quick rinse under running water – and it is as good as new.

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