9 thoughts on “Funny… But true!

  1. I can find no reference of this person being related to Trump or existing at all; let alone the content of the obituary. Lying does not sway people to your cause (at least not in the long term).

  2. When posts are made in the funny sections, their level of truthiness usually is low by definition. If people still manage to whip up some indignation about such posts – well – that also has a good portion of comedy in it.

  3. Your heading for this is “in the news” not “funny shit”. And the original poster made the claim that it was true. That’s what I’m addressing, not whether it’s funny, that’s entirely subjective.

  4. Well if it’s a post about something that he actually said/did then it is a news post first and funny second. If it’s just something making fun of him then it’s funny and not news… or you could just make  Trump collection and put whatever. 🙂