This will become highly relevant this year.

This will become highly relevant this year.

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Linux Essentials for Delphi Developers – What to do if you’ve never used Linux before and are a windows only developer, but want to take the first steps to learning to use Linux systems.

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  1. David Heffernan I agree, not for mobile and desktop.

    For people using Windows servers, it opens up a new path.

    If we consider that MS now has

    Linux bash on Windows 10

    SQL Server on Linux

    – I’d say we live in interesting times – from a Linux perspective.

    There are also interesting possibilities with IoT Linux versions such as Rasbian, Ubuntu Mate, Minibian, Hypriot, Pidora, etc – and there is more in the works:

  2. Anybody who isn’t interested in server side tech on linux has been asleep or is not interested in server side tech at all.  There’s batch and big data (hadoop et al), there’s realtime stream processing (spark et al), and hundreds of exciting things going on, all of it on Linux, and Windows is a sad little place to be on the server side, unless making workgroup apps hosted by IIS is still all you need.

  3. I do not believe Firemonkey will ever come to Delphi Linux. Client side development is NOT on the public roadmap. What is on the roadmap is SERVER side development. Linux servers typically have no desktop, no GUI, no user interface graphics, only a console (text) administrative system based on ssh and the shell (bash or something else).

  4. You can wrap Gtk+3 on Linux to add FireMonkey GUI support, library uses Gtk+3 for cross-platform development, it seems Embarcadero won`t focus on the client side libraries and so on the compiler and adding new distribuitions to the list of supported ones, but third parties will can add GUI support, in theory, according to Jim McKeeth 😀

  5. A. Bouchez

    The roadmap says it will be 64-bit only LLVM with ARC. I’m pretty sure it will be a carbon copy of the OSX compiler.

    Very unfortunate because ARC is quite unneeded here so lets hope Emba course corrects on that one.

  6. Johan Bontes AFAIR the OSX compiler is only 32-bit (whereas only Linux 64-bit is expected to be supported),  it is not based on NextGen, it does not use LLVM, nor requires ARC…

    So I’m pretty sure the Linux compiler own’t be a carbon copy of the OSX compiler! 😉