Spotted this through my search agents.

Spotted this through my search agents.

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  1. Ok, I gotta say i don’t know what to think of this job.  Is it real? The 33 holidays is pretty much double what an entry level position would be in the US.  But when I started programming in the early 80’s the starting salary was $40k USD.  Pretty much what this offer is.  Given an average inflation rate of 3% then; for equivalency in 2016, the starting salary should be around $90k USD!  This income, with a family of four, would be considered poverty level in the US.  Apparently asian salaries have been imported to the west .. just not the cost of living savings!  This is an argument for working in Parks & Recreation I think.

  2. It’s difficult to translate salaries because another country’s taxes and living costs can be so different.

    But to go on with just a currency conversion: £40,000 is about $75000 AU, which is reasonable even in high-tax-rate expensive Australia. (I’d personally expect more, but it’s okay for a general developer job.)

    Also 33 days of holiday is great. One thing I really think that’s worth asking for when negotiating a salary is holidays, because they often matter more to your quality of life than an extra few thousand dollars.

  3. Agreed David Millington ;  AND times have changed from the 1980’s as well; especially where programmers would be relatively rare back then.  But I feel compelled to point out to the younger generations that it is important to be aware that when (say politicians) are giving speeches telling us how great employment is today, that it is weighed against a perspective of where things were in the past.  How else would you measure “progress” ?

  4. The holiday is generous, the salary is just OK IMHO, and would be tough going if you have a family I think. (Cost of living is not cheap.) Pity as it sounds an interesting role…

  5. It’s not London, so maybe the salary can cover the cost of living even with a family. If I remember correctly, taxes and other deductions were much less in the UK than in Germany. No idea how that has changed during the last 15 years. In addition to the 33 days vacation you also get the bank holidays, that’s certainly not bad.

    @Americans: Don’t forget you get free healthcare for the whole family.

  6. Thomas Mueller

    bank holidays, in today’s world that normally means the bank is closed and you can’t get any money out……queue govt restructure and in today’s new legislation you get shares returned for your money in the insolvent bank

  7. David Millington AUD$75K would be entry to  perhaps  3 yrs experience here these days. An experienced developer (10yrs+) would be around AUD100K+ these days, even more for Sydney (or federal public service in Canberra).  

  8. Warren Postma Of course, if you live there you need to keep up tradition, steal from the rich, be friends with monks, have a beautiful girlfriend who gets regularly kidnapped, be widely acclaimed as a hero.

    I don’t know how that fits in with a Delphi job :p

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