13 thoughts on “Lies, damn lies, and Error Insight

  1. Andy and I put a lot of energy into Error Insight in Weaver (2010) and Fulcrum (2011, XE) and today I can say it was a waste of time. The real fix is modernizing the whole IDE compiler integration and not just adding one more parser as they did in XE8. It are at least four now. It is a problem with the Delphi system that the users accept what Embarcadero is doing or not doing.

  2. I hope for this since project Commodore (Win64), which was supposed to be the project after Tiburón (D2008, D2009), was delayed because of the compiler rewrite. I said just adding another Code tab in your semantic highlighting thread… and guess I did this. There is a very large amount of work, my time is very limited, but I can type and it syncs with the editor on the Code tab, but no hacks yet to make go to source jump to the “Code+” tab.

  3. It is strange how the problem largely is limited to TObject level class methods. The problem is not consistent, either. In some units – no problem – but like in this one. Bah!

  4. Just a proposal. Look at your: System Properties/Advanced/Environment Variables/System variables/Path

    If the Value contains more than 2048 symbols – this is the problem.

    ( I think – it is Windows bug)

    Reorganise the value(remove some paths) and problem will be solved. For me that was a solution.

  5. In general disabling Error Insight is one of the first things I always do. It never works, even when you open most of the Delphi files themselves in the Delphi Source directory. If it does not work there, don’t expect it to even work for anything else.